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And in its title,

I know the contradiction and the truth. 

The last days of His human life

were at once both holy and weak.  

Paul it was who would remind us 

that 'when I am weak, then I am strong.'

Calvary took Him to His death,

and also to the tomb Resurrection

and to ours. 

In these Covid days

when all seems helpless and confined

may the holiness of our weakness

our faith in the One who was Love itself

help us give new expression to 'Holy Week.'

Amen. Let it be so. Amen. Amen. 

(Sr Perpetua)


6 April

We walk in prayer this Holy Week

with Christ and all who suffer.
Mindful prayer today for prisoners -

especially those who are falsely condemned.  

Mindful too of those imprisoned by their own,

or another's thoughts or actions. 

7 April

We walk in prayer this Holy Week

holding in our hearts

all who know they are going to die soon.

May courage and consolation be theirs.
We are mindful of their families.

8 April
We walk in prayer this Holy Week with Christ

and all who know the pain of betrayal from friends -

and even family members.

May compassion sustain their broken hearts. 

9 April:
We walk in prayer this Holy Thursday

with all who hunger for the Eucharist.

As Christ longed to eat the Passover with His disciples,

may our longing for Communion

deepen our spiritual communion  

with Christ and one another.

10 April:

We walk in prayer this Good Friday with Christ

who in Calvary was faithful to the end

in doing all that was humanly possible

to carry people of love to the gates of paradise.

By His wounds we are healed and freed. 

11 April: Holy Saturday

He let himself be taken for a sinner,

while He was bearing the faults of many

and praying all times for sinners. 

This is our Christian hope and consolation.

In accordance with our faith tradition, 

we enter the tomb of silence, of isolation, of absence, of death.
Today we commit to a short period of silent prayer

for the bereaved who in these Covid days

are deprived of the support of wake, funeral and burial customs.



In the light of Covid-19, when the Vigil is to be available on webcam, and given the restrictions of light/darkness and the length of the Celebration, it is possible to divide it into three parts and celebrate in three stages e.g. 3:00 pm, 6:00 pm and 9:00 pm


If you would like to receive Part I in 'Word' formatted text please send an email to secretary@thornhillministries.co.uk. 

Part II & Part II will not be posted on the web but are available on email request.


For those who are distressed by the outbreak of the Coronavirus

Available on our Liturgy Resource Page 

Some parishes requested this set of Stations from Thornhill Ministries. Feel free to use.

We ask only that if sharing them, you would kindly acknowledge the Ministries as the source. 

We are happy to provide other resource materials on request. Please contact us by phone or email. 

You can copy them from our 'Stations of the Cross' Page. All other sets of Stations have been removed for now so that the Coronavirus set are easy to access. 







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