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'The Wall of Death' he said,

'separates us from those we love.'

The Earth below separates us

from the Heavens above!


And all of this - that holds the here and there-ness

points not to division

but to the one-ness

where vine and branches

and You-in-me-ness

make all goodness God-ness.


(Sr Perpetua) 


"Where I am, you may be too."

This is our hope. This is our faith. This is our destiny. 

In these days between Ascension and Pentecost, 

I ponder the mystery that assures me

that what is true of Jesus,

is true of you and true of me. 

Having been baptised in Him, 

in living as followers of His Way, 

we place our hope and confirm our faith in

the promise of our brother:

Where I am, you may be too.








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